Make A Green New Year’s Resolution for 2018

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Make A Green New Year’s Resolution for 2018

The new year is drawing near and you may be pondering how you can be your best self in 2018. Challenge yourself to make a bigger impact by incorporating sustainable living practices into your daily life! Check out Whisper Valley’s ideas for a green new year’s resolution and let us know your ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Buy Seasonal, Local Produce

Out-of-season fruits and vegetables must be imported from places across the globe, polluting our planet in the process. Research fruits and vegetables that are in season and head to a local farmer’s market to reduce your environmental impact.

Whisper Valley is proud to offer organic produce grown right in our community as part of our garden and farm program with Lettuce Networks! As a subscriber, you can have bulk produce and meal kits delivered to your doorstep, in addition to participating in a zero-waste composting service managed by Lettuce. You can also opt to have a mini-farm installed in your own backyard!

Consume Less Meat

You don’t have to go completely vegetarian to reduce your carbon footprint. Researchers say food production makes up an estimated 19-29 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, a majority of which are from agriculture. Participating in meatless Mondays or eating vegetarian during the work week can lessen your impact on the environment.

Change Your Commute

Can you carpool, use public transportation or even bike to work a few times a week? Changing up your commute routine to work or even the grocery store means less emissions polluting the air.

Spend More Time Outside

Put down the electronics and connect with nature! Spending more time outdoors means less energy consumption, and it’s also good for your health and your wallet. There are numerous beautiful parks near Whisper Valley in East Austin, and we are also excited for our planned signature 600-acre park, which will feature nature trails along wooded creek and rolling green space. The trails will eventually connect to East Metropolitan Park and Walter E. Long Park.

Making a sustainable new year’s resolution will mean slight changes to your everyday life to make a broader impact on the environment. Make 2018 an eco-friendly year for you by taking our green resolution challenge!