October 4, 2016

7,500 ‘Energy Neutral’ Homes to Rise in Austin

Whisper Valley project is first of its kind in the nation, developer says.

A development that promises to bring 7,500 energy-saving homes to Central Texas is beginning to take shape in northeastern Travis County.

Situated of Texas 130, about 3 miles south of Manor, construction is scheduled to start soon on the first 237 homes at Whisper Valley, developer Taurus of Texas said.
Taurus officials said the project is the first large single-family housing development, locally and nationally, that will be “energy neutral,” with homes designed to produce as much energy as they consume on a net basis every year.

The homes will be equipped with geothermal pumps for heating and cooling; roof-mounted solar panels; energy-efficient appliances; and other green-building technologies, Taurus said.

That means they could achieve the “net-zero,” or carbon neutral, standard Austin has set as a goal for all new homes built within the city limits from 2016 forward. Austin has set a 2050 target to reduce carbon emissions to zero for all buildings and houses. Courtesy of Austin American Statesman.

SOURCE: Austin American Statesman