Committed to a Sustainable Future

taurus-40th-logo-signature-lineTaurus Investment Holdings, LLC (“Taurus”) is a global investor, developer and operator with a extensive regional market network. The company leverages its diversified capital and operational infrastructure to capitalize on exclusive commercial and residential real estate opportunities worldwide.



“At Taurus, we believe we must consider the impact of our actions upon future generations, particularly in the context of a product as durable as real estate. Being sustainable – taking an environmentally, socially and economically responsible approach to development – is our defining principle. To us, sustainability is not a word we take lightly. While many people talk about sustainability, not enough of the words have been transformed into meaningful actions. Our hope and plan is to present Whisper Valley as the truest reflection of our values.”
– Chairman, Lorenz Reibling



Since its formation in 1976, Taurus has developed a fully integrated organizational model geared to maximize value at all phases of the investment lifecycle. The combination of local market intelligence and transactional know-how combined with a robust, global capital pipeline assures the insight and the agility necessary to secure premium opportunities. And a centralized, cross-disciplinary operational platform optimizes subsequent value creation and risk management.

Taurus was founded in Munich, Germany and is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company is a trusted partner for European, U.S. and other select international high net worth individuals and institutional investors. With current local presence in 15 markets across four continents, Taurus offers its clients access to a diversified pool of investment opportunities.

Throughout North America and Europe, Taurus is consistently recognized as one of the premier owner-operators of both directly managed and joint venture commercial real estate. To date, Taurus has purchased and sold more than 25 million square feet (2.3 million square meters) of residential, office, industrial, retail and other commercial real estate assets throughout the world with a total acquisition value of over $3.5 billion.

To address sustainability in our residential and commercial real estate investments, Taurus founded EcoSmart Solutions – a truly innovative approach to real estate development. The result of that initiative is Whisper Valley in Austin, Texas: the first community of its kind.