February 16, 2018
Filed Under: Green Building

Benefits of Using Geothermal Energy in Your Home

Whisper Valley is unlike any other community in Texas thanks to our innovative sustainable design. Our EcoSmart program employs a first of its kind geothermal energy loop field in combination with solar PV systems which delivers zero-energy capable homes.

While geothermal energy is a huge cost-saving feature for homes, it can be expensive for builders or homeowners to install one home at a time. EcoSmart solves this dilemma through its innovative“geogrid” that maximizes energy efficiency and cost effectiveness when it is installed upfront like the infrastructure for water, sewer and electric utility lines.

But how exactly does geothermal energy help homeowners in Whisper Valley? In this week’s blog, we’re breaking down the advantages of using this renewable energy source in our homes!

EcoSmart Geothermal Energy Loop Field

Click this image to explore how EcoSmart works in our community!

Lower Home Energy Costs

EcoSmart’s geothermal loop field utilizes the earth’s natural thermal energy. Homes in Whisper Valley are able to draw energy up and through geothermal piping to the BOSCH Ground Source Heat Pump in the home working together to reduce electric consumption by up to 65%.  In combination with solar PV, which generates the remaining 35% of the electricity needed to power the home, Whisper Valley residents can achieve zero-energy capable homes and drastically reduce their monthly energy costs.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

If you’re concerned about the impact you’re leaving on the planet, you’ll be happy to know geothermal energy is a renewable energy source. The heat below the earth’s surface maintains a constant, moderate temperature between 40-75 degrees all year. EcoSmart’s geothermal loop field regulates your home’s indoor temperature using the Earth’s thermal energy.

In the winter, you won’t be burning a fossil fuel to heat your home nor emitting carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gases. The geothermal loop field collects the heat from the earth and delivers it to your home. In the summer, the heat from inside your home is exchanged with the cooler air underground. Not only will you be comfortable in your new home, you’ll also be happy knowing your home is reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Reduce Noise and Costly Repairs

Unlike traditional noisy HVAC units, geothermal heat pumps don’t require fans or outdoor compressors. Since the heat pumps are located inside the home, they also aren’t exposed to outdoor elements. Homeowners will find there is little to no maintenance required and they don’t need to be replaced as often as HVAC units.

Geothermal Energy Affordability

Green Mortgage financing eliminates the upfront cash payment barrier that limits most first and second-time homebuyers from owning zero energy capable homes.  Buyers can finance the initial investment and roll it into their green mortgage or finance it through EcoSmart with zero down and no qualifying for the full energy and technology package. The fixed monthly payment can be offset by the energy savings, resulting in little or no increase in the monthly payments for the homeowner.

Whisper Valley is excited to deliver sustainable housing to Austin at an affordable price point. We invite you to head to our community and visit our Discovery Center to learn more about how geothermal energy works in our homes. For more information about the EcoSmart Solution and homes in Whisper Valley, contact us.