October 21, 2016
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Bicycle Safety Tips from Whisper Valley in East Austin

bicycle safety at Whisper ValleyWhisper Valley in East Austin is a bicyclist-friendly master-planned community! You’ll find miles of scenic trails winding throughout Whisper Valley, so whether you enjoy biking, running or just strolling, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stretch your legs and stay fit. With bikes out and about in Austin, TX and our community, we wanted to share bicycle safety tips for cyclists and motorists alike:

Share the Road

Texas law requires cyclists to ride as near as practicable to the right side of the roadway if they moving slower than traffic. However, the law also allows bicyclists to take up a lane of traffic if necessary, like when passing another vehicle, preparing to turn left, avoiding unsafe conditions on the roadway or if the lane is too small for a bicycle and a vehicle to safely travel side by side.

Motorists should slow down and wait for a safe opportunity to pass a bicyclist. Give the cyclist the right of way when the situation calls for it and be sure to give plenty of passing room between your vehicle and the cyclist. Above all, be patient and careful!

Use Your Signals

Among the important safety tips for cyclists, you should obey the laws of traffic while riding a bike, including stop signs and traffic lights. Always ride in the direction of traffic. Use the following signals to indicate your direction of travel: Stop – Extend the left hand and arm downward, Left Turn – Extend the left hand and arm horizontally, Right Turn – Extend the left hand and arm upward, or extend the right hand and arm horizontally. Make eye contact with motorists and wave to make sure you have their attention.

Stay Safe

Bicyclists should always wear helmets that fit snug to the head. Wear a medical ID bracelet and bright colored clothing to make sure motorists can clearly see you on the road. Be sure to check that your tires are properly inflated and that your brakes are working correctly before heading out on a ride. To ride at night, Texas law requires a lamp on the front of the bicycle that emits a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet in front of the bicycle and either a red reflector which is visible from a distance of 300 feet from the rear of the bicycle, or a red lamp visible from a distance of 500 feet from the rear of the bicycle.

Whisper Valley in East Austin offers plenty of biking trails for cyclists and environmentally-conscious living! Find out more information about our master-planned community at www.whispervalleyaustin.com.