October 9, 2017
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Co. Commissioner Praises Developers for Choosing East Austin

Whisper Valley in East Austin hosted key developers, strategic business partners, city leaders and local activists during the community’s ribbon-cutting and grand opening celebration on Sept. 17. Taurus Investment Holdings, LLC, Whisper Valley’s developer, was honored to have Travis County Commissioner Jeff Travillion speak during the event.

Whisper Valley Ribbon Cutting East Austin

Whisper Valley developers officially celebrate the opening of the community with city and county leaders.

Last November, Travillion was elected as county commissioner for Precinct 1, which spans East Austin. Travillion told local media after the election that he wanted to focus on quality-of-life issues in his precinct. To Travillion, Whisper Valley shows the great potential for positive development and the growth of East Austin.

“This represents a real paradigm shift, and what I mean by that is sometimes when you look at Austin you see a tale of two cities. When you look downtown, you see one of the most beautiful cities in the world—music capital of the world, all kinds of wonderful buildings, architecture. But when you get on the road and go 15 minutes east, sometimes you see third world conditions. That you chose to put this development in this community is very significant because what it tells us is we can grow together, we can build together and when you think technology, when you think innovation, when you think corporate citizenship and strategic alliances, you can begin to think East Austin,” Travillion said during the event.

Travis County Commissioner Jeff Travillion East Austin

Travis County Commissioner Jeff Travillion speaks before the Whisper Valley ribbon cutting.

Taurus Investment Holdings’ goal for Whisper Valley was to create a master-planned community that was affordable, net-zero capable and a cleaner, more sustainable place for future generations. To keep home prices affordable, Taurus reached out to innovators in the renewable energy field to create the EcoSmart Solution, a program which brings geothermal and solar to each individual home in Whisper Valley. The result is a zero-energy capable home with lower energy bills for homeowners and a reduced carbon footprint.

“When we talk about safe and affordable spaces, we talk about where we raise our children. When we talk about building homes that teachers can afford, that middle class families can afford, we want to be in a place that we’re proud to raise our families. We want to be in a place where we want to work together. We want to be in a place where this vision includes us all,” Travillion said. “Thank you for picking East and let’s build and heal this community in a way that it hasn’t been healed in the last 100 years. We can be a part of something special that truly needs to happen in this state and in this country, right now.”

To learn more about move-in ready homes available now and the resort-style amenities, including a geothermal heated pool, amenity center and signature park, visit WhisperValleyAustin.com.