June 28, 2019
Filed Under: Sustainability

Green Startups in Austin

green startups in austinAustin’s tech corridor is rapidly expanding, and a new report by Hired also shows Austin tech workers’ salaries rose 15 percent in a three-year period. Austin is quickly becoming a tech mecca for startups, including companies committed to sustainability.

Today on our blog, Whisper Valley is featuring a few green startups in Austin that aim to create a better, greener world.

Smarter Sorting

Founded in 2015, Smarter Sorting is an Austin-based startup that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase sustainable options for unsold or damaged chemical products. Their cutting-edge technology helps businesses manage their regulated waste and allows for some products to be routed to alternative markets and make responsible reuse possible.


Nutriconomy Systems is a business-to-business nutrient reuse platform (think Craigslist for organics). The business accepts food waste to keep it out of landfills, and then assesses the content for nutrient value and determines how to reuse it, whether it’s food for people, feed for animals, biofuel or fertilizer.


Gardenio is an Austin-based startup using technology to help people design, start and maintain their own organic gardens. Customers choose what they want to grow and then Gardenio delivers “Growboxes” with the planters, custom soil mix and plants right to their front door. The company also assists with care guides for plants and plans to host live garden parties, online classes and memberships.


Wondercide offers holistic solutions for natural pet care, with safe and effective products for dogs, cats and their people. The company was founded in Austin by Stephanie Boone, who pitched her product on Shark Tank and is now selling her products in stores nationwide.


Plum is a Wi-Fi enabled lightpad allows you to control your lights and appliances from your smartphone. The smart dimmer is designed to fit any North American light switch receptacle with no modifications, and the Plum app allows you to track and monitor energy usage.

These green startups in Austin are making a difference in our community and in our daily lives. We can’t wait to see what new green startups emerge in our city in the coming years!