April 27, 2022
Filed Under: Technology

How Energy Monitoring Tech Helps You Save Big

EcoSmart homes in Phase 2 of Whisper Valley include an innovative energy monitoring program that enables homeowners to track their energy behavior in real-time and take control over how they allocate their home energy expenditure.

Sense energy monitor is installed on the home’s electrical panel and reads the electrical current being drawn, delivering real-time information to an app that homeowners can access on their smart device. One of the most powerful tools in the Sense app helps you start saving energy right away: the Power Meter.

Identify Energy Hogs

The Power Meter shows a graph of your power use and gives you a second-by-second view of how energy is being used in your home, including which devices are using the most electricity. In fact, you can walk through your home and flip a light switch on or off, heat up food in the microwave or turn on a gaming system to watch how the Power Meter graph changes.

Some devices in your home use electricity constantly and are labeled in the “Always On” load of the Power Meter, which is calculated by taking an average over 48 hours. Common culprits include TVs, DVRs, and printers since many of these devices continue to use energy in standby mode. You can cut this “vampire load” by unplugging devices when not in use, and observing a difference in the Power Meter.

Save Money

Once Sense learns your home energy behavior, you’ll be able to view total usage by device as well as breakdowns by day, week, month and year. You can also set custom alerts for when a device turns on or off for longer than a certain time, such as your refrigerator.

Sense also set up a website with stories from their customers about how the reaped savings using energy monitoring. Some of the testimonials indicate customers were able to identify a wasteful water heater, a failing fridge, a sewer pump running all the time, among many other energy hog devices thanks to Sense and the Power Meter.

Whisper Valley is proud to feature the latest in energy monitoring tech to help our homeowners better understand their energy usage and take control of their energy expenditure! Our EcoSmart Solution combines an innovative geothermal infrastructure with additional energy resources to create an integrated technology package. Together, these elements work to generate power, reduce usage, eliminate noise and cut your utility bills.

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