April 3, 2018
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How to Dry Herbs

by Kylie Treekin, Whisper Valley Farm Manager Lettuce Networks

This is the time of year that herbs from Oregano to Mint, Rosemary and Thyme are growing back vigorously and sometimes need weekly trimmings to keep under control. So the question is, how do you use all this delicious smelling plant matter before it gets slimy or goes bad?

Dry Them!

Why Dry Herbs?

  • You preserve your herbs for a long time without any worry of them going bad before you can use them.
  • Self-dried herbs are so much stronger and flavorful than store-bought.
  • It’s so easy!
  • It makes your home smell amazing, or at least the room you decide to dry it.

How to Dry Herbs

Materials: A Sink, Parchment Paper, String & Clothespins (optional)

  • Rinse your herbs after harvest or once you’ve received them from your Farmer’s Choice bag. Make sure there are no straggler bugs.
  • Secure a string across a space in which to hang a small tied bundle of herbs from, or lay down the herbs in one layer on a piece of parchment paper on a counter, table, or any flat surface.
  • You do not want to place the herbs in direct sunlight, the sun will turn it to a crisp in a bad way. Pro Tip: House cats are generally interested in herbs drying on the counter.
  • Check the herbs every day by pinching a leaf to feel for crunch. When it crumbles easily instead of bending, it’s dry and ready for storage.

Storing Dry Herbs

Materials: A large bowl, a clean empty spice/Mason/jelly/sauce jar

  • Find a large bowl and destem the leaves of the herb into the bowl. It works best if you go against the direction the leaves were growing away from the stem.
  • Once you have a large bowl of destemmed, dried herb, use an old spice bottle, jelly or sauce jar, anything with a sealable lid will work, and pour your herb into its container.
  • You’re finished! Enjoy your herbs as little or as much as you like and refill as needed!