November 14, 2018
Filed Under: Sustainability

Learn About SOURCE Hydropanels in Whisper Valley

During the Austin water boil notice last month, Whisper Valley was able to continue to serve drinking water from the SOURCE Hydropanels installed on our Discovery Center. The Hydropanels drew a lot of interest from Austin homeowners—what exactly are SOURCE Hydropanels and how do they convert sunlight and air into clean drinking water?

How SOURCE Hydropanels Work

Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Hydropanels draw in water molecules from the air using solar energy. After the water is condensed, clean drinking water flows into the integrated water reservoir and is treated with magnesium and calcium for health and taste. The reservoir can store around the equivalent of 60 bottles of water and can be connected to the tap of your choosing, including a fridge water line.

Zero Mass Water Source Hydropanels at Whisper ValleyThe Austin water crisis showed us that an infrastructure disaster can happen at a moment’s notice. Whisper Valley was proud to showcase a new technology aimed at improving sustainability and access to quality water.

To learn more about the SOURCE Hydropanels at Whisper Valley and find out how they can be added to your home, visit our Discovery Center at 9400 Petrichor Blvd or contact Francis Solar at (800) 206-4258.

About Whisper Valley

Whisper Valley is an eco-conscious master-planned community in East Austin featuring healthy lifestyle amenities and zero-energy capable homes priced from the $230s. As part of the innovative EcoSmart Program, the new homes in Whisper Valley utilize solar panels and are connected to a revolutionary geothermal heating and cooling system. An added bonus of living in Whisper Valley: our homeowners are eligible for geothermal solar and geothermal tax credits.

Find your new home in Whisper Valley before the end of the year to hedge against rising interest rates and take advantage of a big tax break! For more information, contact us today or call 512-710-3799. The Discovery Center is located at 9400 Petrichor Blvd. Whisper Valley, TX 78653.