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December 8, 2022
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New Schools Del Valle ISD

One hundred forty-nine acres of new schools in Whisper Valley? We couldn’t be more excited! Del Valle ISD is planning for construction of a new high school campus located near the intersection of Braker Lane and Taylor Lane to begin in 2023. The target date to start classes in the new high school campus is August of 2026. We are excited to welcome these new students, teachers and campuses to our community. How does the announcement affect homeowners in Whisper Valley? Read more to find out. 

Del Valle ISD responds to Population Growth

Del Valle as a community has seen significant growth over recent years, with any expansion, demands on city resources grow. So much so that voters approved a $300 million bond program in May 2022 for school expansion.

Three New Del Valle School in Whisper Valley

all photos courtesy of DVISD

Working alongside Whisper Valley, DVISD Board of trustees approved purchase on 2 sites – 78.1 acres for the new high school campus and 71.1 acres for a future elementary school and middle school campus. There is not yet a timeline to begin construction of the elementary and middle schools, but eventually Whisper Valley students will not have to leave the community to get to school!  

How does this impact Families living in Whisper Valley?

From a quality-of-life perspective, having new schools nearby is a great thing for homeowners. Neighborhood schools are a top priority for residents buying in a new community. Families find it valuable to have your kids and their neighbor friends attending the same schools, and children living so close to a school have a much lower chance of being redistricted to different schools as the district continues to grow. 

Having Schools nearby is associated with Higher Property Value

all photos courtesy of DVISD

Having schools within walking distance from your home is a good thing – and it may increase your property value. It means that more people will want to live in your neighborhood, and this will make your house more valuable. Whisper Valley homeowners can likely expect this DVISD expansion in their neighborhood to positively impact their home value long-term. 

Having School close makes for a less stressful routine for families

Some families have the benefit of having school close enough to walk to or a short ride in the morning. A simpler routine is something that every family values.  Walking or living close to schools will reduce the amount of time and gas needed for Whisper Valley families to start their day.

Living in or Near a School Zone is safer

Government officials and local members of the community tend to be more vigilant when monitoring school zones and treat them with special care. In addition, because you are close to school crossings in these neighborhoods, speeding is less common which leads to greater peace of mind and community safety.

Learn more about living at Whisper Valley

We couldn’t be more excited to enter into this new partnership with Del Valle schools. The new DVISD expansion in Whisper Valley is one example of the great things we are making happen in our master planned community. Contact us to learn more about living at  Whisper Valley.