December 29, 2016
Filed Under: Green Building

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Driving Carbon FootprintProtecting the environment is a cause important to many Austinites. At Whisper Valley in East Austin, living “EcoSmart” is all about making every home as energy-efficient as possible while also creating a better way to live. Did you know there are many small changes you can make to reduce your carbon footprint? Check out our list:

Find Alternatives to Driving

If you can walk or ride your bike to your destination, you can avoid carbon emissions entirely! If you must drive, try carpooling with a group or taking public transportation.

Don’t Speed!

When you have no choice but to drive, stay the speed limit! The U.S. Department of Energy says unnecessary accelerating and speeding can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds! Not only will you keep yourself and other drivers safe by sticking to the speed limit, you’ll also save money by not having to fill up as much AND you’ll avoid increasing your carbon footprint.

Turn Off the Lights

It’s simple: Turn off the lights when you leave a room! You can also reduce your carbon footprint by choosing LED light bulbs for your home.

Use the Power of the Sun

Speaking of light, the homes in Whisper Valley in East Austin use photovoltaic solar panels cells to convert sunlight into electricity. This innovative system helps us make zero-capable ready homes available in Whisper Valley, which is what living EcoSmart is all about.

Eat Fresh

Choosing organic, locally-sourced food means you aren’t buying into the production and transportation of food. According to the EPA, the provision of food—food production, processing, transport and disposal—contributes to 13% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.


Think outside the box with your recycling! Did you know the city of Austin accepts Plastics #1-7? This includes most jugs, detergent and cleaner bottles, lawn furniture, some toys, tubs, lids, etc. Always check the bottom of an object to find the recycling number! You can also recycle things like your Starbucks cup (plastic lid included), aluminum foil, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, food takeout containers that have been rinsed out, K-Cups, junk mail—the list goes on! Check the city of Austin’s recycling website to find a full list and recycling locations.


Whisper Valley in East Austin offers a new, sustainable lifestyle that is unique for Austin. Each neighborhood is planned with a first-of- its-kind thermal energy supply system designed to save up to 65% on typical monthly energy usage.  Solar PV using solar roof panels or solar fields will then generate enough energy to achieve zero-energy capable homes. Other elements of this innovative EcoSmart program include Google Nest smart home technology and high performance Bosch home appliances. Reduce your carbon footprint in the environmentally-friendly community of Whisper Valley!