May 30, 2024
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Go Green, Save Green: Whisper Valley EcoSmart Homes vs. Standard New Construction

Whisper Valley EcoSmart homes are more than just a place to live. It is a place you can feel good about saving energy, saving money, and saving the environment. What sets them apart from other homes?  Compare and you’ll see!

EcoSmart Homes in Whisper Valley Standard New Construction
An EcoSmart certified home is Zero Energy Capable and meets future energy codes. Standard Home may have to be upgraded to meet future codes, which means spending more money.
HERS Rating is 25 or less, providing drastically reduced monthly energy bills HERS Rating of 60 or more, meaning higher monthly energy bills
Geothermal heating and cooling system that reduces consumption by up to 80% and protects against future energy cost increases No GeoGrid™ to power system, no reduction in consumption, no protection against cost increases
Average annual cost savings of $2,000 or more depending on personal energy behavior No energy savings
Higher initial purchase price for comprehensive energy system Lower initial purchase price
Higher cost offset by monthly energy savings No monthly energy cost savings
Receive Federal Tax Credit of $7,000-12,000.00* No Tax Credit for renewable energy
EcoSmart Home complies with current and future energy codes Mandatory efficiency upgrades are possible when planned codes change
Ground source heat pumps have a longer life – 20-year replacement and less expensive replacement Air source or traditional HVAC system has shorter life with 10-year replacement
No outside, noisy condenser units – quiet exteriors Outdoor condenser units. Exterior noise pollution
Smart thermostats help optimize energy behavior Conventional thermostats, you are on your own.
Integrated EcoSmart energy monitoring, service, and management system No similar system or service
Monitor your energy usage in real-time Find out when you get your energy bill
Homes pre-wired for EV charger EV pre-wiring not a typical option
Battery energy storage options work well with ground source heat pumps that reduce peak energy demand and power your home in the event of a major power outage Battery storage is an option but is expensive and not layered with other energy efficient systems to maximize effectiveness
Innovative energy system and technology package Same old technology
Significant decarbonization Uses fossil fuels and adds carbon
Makes a difference for our environment Is part of the problem, not the solution
Higher resale value Lower resale value


Futureproof Homes and Community

EcoSmart Homes in Whisper Valley Standard New Construction
Homes with better filtration systems to provide better air quality plus many outdoor home amenities and activities Regular air filtration system
Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber High Speed Internet community, future-ready for 10,000 new technologies Regular or inconsistent internet service

Healthy Living 

EcoSmart Homes in Whisper Valley Standard New Construction
On-site, professionally managed organic mini-farms that provide fresh, organic produce for residents and a Monthly Artisans Market Possibly 4 x 8’ garden boxes for resident use
600-acre Whisper Valley Public Park with extensive trail system that will connect to future eastside trail network Small pocket parks, walking trails
Full-time Lifestyle Director and lifestyle program Large master-planned communities have lifestyle programs, but most neighborhoods do not
Full array of amenities like a dog park, resort pool, fitness center, playgrounds, pocket parks, trails, and nature preserve located in the community Comparable amenities may vary


Whisper Valley is an environmentalist’s dream. Together we can create a world of zero energy capable homes that help our environment for the long haul.  Join us in our mission to leave a better planet for future generations.




*Total system value depends on size of home and system, and varies for each home. Consult your tax preparer to ensure accuracy in calculating the tax credit and to achieve the maximum benefit.