February 21, 2020
Filed Under: Technology

EcoSmart Product Highlight: Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Hello

There’s a new lineup of home automation products offered in Whisper Valley homes. We recently announced the EcoSmart Solution package includes four products that come standard in every home, and we’ve profiled two on our blog earlier this month: Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Nest Hub. Today, we’re completing our overview of the two other home automation devices that will come in your Whisper Valley home: Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Hello. Read on to learn more about these products and how they can help you with the security of your new Whisper Valley home.

Nest x Yale Lock

The Nest x Yale Lock is a connected, key-less smart lock for your Whisper Valley home. This tamper-proof deadbolt connects to the Nest app, allowing homeowners to program a door code and unlock their door from anywhere. Set passcodes for people you trust instead of hiding a key under your doormat, lock and check your door status using the Google Assistant in your Google Nest Hub, and get alerts if anyone attempts to tamper with your door.

This smart lock works great with Nest Hello, a video doorbell that also comes standard in Whisper Valley homes!

Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is your doorbell camera, delivering HD video and crisp images to your smartphone so you never miss a thing. Nest Hello can also tell the difference between a person and a thing, and alert you when someone is at your door, even if the visitor doesn’t ring the bell.

Another unique feature of Nest Hello is that the camera records video in a 4:3 format so you get a head-to-toe view of the person at your front door. Other video doorbells record in 16:9, which can cut off a visitor’s head or feet when they get close to the camera.

Nest Hello also gives you the option to pre-record a message for visitors, which can be useful for when you travel out of town or have specific instructions you want to leave for a visitor. Both Nest Hello and Nest x Yale Lock can be monitored through your Google Home Hub, which also comes standard in Whisper Valley homes.

We hope you found our overview of the Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Hello helpful for understanding how these home automation devices will function in your new Whisper Valley home! Read our overview of the Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Home Hub here.

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