We've Put a Lot of Energy Into Sustainability

Imagine if you could start a community completely from scratch, utilizing cutting-edge technology to make every home as energy-efficient as possible? That’s precisely the idea behind Whisper Valley. Inspired by a desire to combat climate change and preserve natural resources, we’re not only building a model for others to follow. We’re creating a better way to live.

We've Put a Lot of Energy Into Sustainability

What is an EcoSmart Community?

EcoSmart is an integrated technology package engineered to provide a clean and zero-energy capable solution for entire communities like Whisper Valley. There are multiple components to this comprehensive system that all work together to reduce consumption, protect the environment, eliminate noise, and save you money.

Just as innovative as the energy package itself is the program that makes it all possible. The option of long-term consumer financing means homeowners don’t have to cover energy-saving infrastructure costs upfront. Instead, the cost can be fixed and paid over a period of 25 years. Best of all, the EcoSmart Solution’s (ESS) monthly fee is actually equal or lower than a home’s typical utility bill and guards against future energy price increases.

What is a Zero-Energy Capable Home?

Thanks to advanced technology and innovative products, it is now possible for homes to be energy self-sufficient. By reducing consumption using high-efficiency geothermal heat pumps and producing power using photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, a home can become zero-energy capable. And EcoSmart innovations make it all possible.