October 25, 2023
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Solar Power in the Capital City: How Austin is Embracing Renewable Energy

Austin, Texas has become a beacon for renewable energy enthusiasts. With a sunny climate and a commitment to sustainability, Austin is leading the charge in the adoption of solar power. Learn more about how the Capital City is embracing renewable energy and take a closer look at Whisper Valley, an award-winning, eco-conscious community in East Austin.

Solar Revolution

Austin’s love affair with solar energy is evident from its ever-increasing number of solar installations. Earlier this year, Austin was ranked No. 3 on Thumbtack’s list of top solar cities, which rated U.S. cities with the most net-new solar panel installations in the past year.

Another recent report found Austin Energy, the municipal utility, had the most solar per capita for total solar (both inside and outside the service territory) among surveyed municipally owned utilities with 3,119.8 watts per person.

The Capital City experiences an abundance of sunshine, making it an ideal location for harnessing the power of the sun. As part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions and promote clean energy, Austin has also implemented a range of initiatives and policies that encourage solar adoption.

Austin Energy offers 9.91 cents/kWh in Value Solar Bill Credits that apply to the electric charges on your utility bill and the ability to earn rebates to help with the installation of solar. The utility also offers a free solar education course to give homeowners the knowledge needed for solar buying and installation.

Another reason more Austinites are utilizing solar? Homeowners can take advantage of federal tax credits for energy-efficient technology in their homes, including solar systems.

Whisper Valley: A Sustainable Oasis

Nestled in East Austin, Whisper Valley stands as a shining example of sustainable community development. Our visionary neighborhood was designed with environmental consciousness at its core, featuring zero energy capable homes powered by geothermal and solar energy.

Every home includes a rooftop solar PV array, providing homeowners with a clean and consistent source of energy. Our community’s green energy service provider, EcoSmart Solution, also offers an upgrade option for homeowners to add a home battery for solar energy storage, which provides resiliency during grid failure events and the ability to utilize solar energy at night.

Whisper Valley takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Green spaces, miles of trails, community gardens, an award-wining lifestyle program, and healthy living amenities are all part of our design.

The Broader Impact

Communities like Whisper Valley contribute to Austin’s broader commitment to a greener future. The city’s investments in renewable energy and its dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions have positioned it as a shining example for other metropolitan areas.

Through programs like Austin Energy Green Building, the nation’s first system for evaluating the sustainability of buildings, and GreenChoice, which offers customers the option to source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources, Austin continues to lead the way in promoting a clean energy transition.

As Austin embraces solar power, it not only reduces its environmental footprint but also creates economic opportunities and a higher quality of life for residents. The Whisper Valley community also serves as an example for the entire nation, demonstrating that sustainable living can be both accessible and desirable.

Go Green

Are you ready to move into a green, solar-powered home and start reaping the benefits of sustainable living? Whisper Valley features new homes in new phases by five accomplished Austin homebuilders. Get started by visiting our model homes and community Discovery Center, located at 9400 Petrichor Blvd., or contact us today for more information.